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Movie Review: Looper
Oct 18, 2012

After such a long hiatus *drama* from the movie world, my other half and I went to catch one before his exams start next week. He chose since I absolutely refused to be the one choosing everything. I mean, really? Man up and make a decision already. Ladies, don't you just HATE it when you're the one having to choose and decide on, well, EVERYTHING. Anyways, we ended up watching Looper.

In a futuristic gangland, a 25 year-old killer named Joseph Simmons (Gordon-Levitt) works for a Mafia company in Kansas City in the year 2042 as a "Looper", where he kills and disposes of people who are sent by their employers known as "Gat Men" from their corporate headquarters in Shanghai from the year 2072. Loopers, like himself, are used as foot soldiers and are well paid on the terms that all hostages must never escape, including Loopers themselves. Gat Men are New York Accent-sounding men who are hired by a Southern Accented Godfather, who is portrayed by Jeff Daniels, who are being used as sentries, and each Gat Man has been given complete authority and responsibility in controlling their own group of Loopers. When one target arrives however he recognizes the 55 year-old victim (Willis) as himself and hesitates, allowing his older self to escape. The resulting failure of his job causes the Gat Men to come after him, forcing him to fight for his life as he hunts his older self.

I must say I was surprised. Its a really good movie. I'm not the kind of person who likes watching all these assassination cum violence cum shooting cum bones-breaking kinda shows, but this show was surprisingly good. I like the effects and stuff. For the sake of those who haven't watched it yet, I'm not going to describe anything yet so as not to spoil it for you but it is a show that I would recommend (I find the way they get high in the movie super cool). There's a good story-line behind it, not the typical assassin-type movie. Concept of the movie I find really good, future self talking to past self kinda thing.The movie's got some pretty good values to it as well. Overall, I give this movie a 4.5/5. Yes it was that good for me, a person who doesn't usually prefer this genre of movies, to give it that high a rating. 

Til next time. Don't really know if there are any of you who read this but well, I'm feeling so syok sendiri at the moment don't really give a rat's arse ;)

Cheers! xx

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