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Production Day Blues
Jul 15, 2014

Trying to get into the habit of blogging more so as not to lose my hand in writing since I'll be out of the shit hole I refer to as college in less than a week.

Had an editing marathon with my girls this past weekend. 48 hours of non stop editing of our final production. Between the 3 of us, we only caught prolly about 5 or so hours of sleep, maybe less.

BUT, it all paid off. Our production was chosen as the top 3 to screen during our Grand Premiere Night. Pretty satisfied with the outcome, just a few minor tweaks and its good to cut. I love producing but dang, it's tiring. I do, however, think that I'd be happy with doing this for a good 30 years or more :)

On a completely unrelated note whatsoever, I swear, today feels like it was piss-lyn-the-fuck-off day. People have been pissing me off left, right and center. GOD.

I shall now go and hibernate in a mini coma for about 10 hours, or at least until it's Tuesday morning where I'm at.

Updates on the Grand Premiere soon, I promise!

P.S My face is breaking out so badly due to the lack of sleep and stress and what not. No idea how I'm going to cover it all up on Wednesday for Front of House duties during screening.

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