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New Beginnings
Jul 11, 2014

Wow, it has actually been a year and a half (almost) of not blogging. A lot has happened since. Here's a quick recap of what's been going on this past year and a half;
  1. I've seen a lot of movies, too many to really get into a breakdown of reviews
  2. Read a heap of books [sidenote*: Fifty Shades is awesome *swoon*]
  3. Attended yet another Penang Island Jazz Festival as yet again, part of the crew 
  4. Got to meet Casey Abrams in the flesh! [he has realllly fluffy hair]
  5. Did a little part-time job as an Apple products salesperson
  6. Went for a 3-month long internship programme at Media Prima, one of Malaysia's leading media companies, as part of the 8tv Quickie team [so much to talk about]
  7. Head of the Music Department for a college music society
  8. Emcee-ed countless amounts of events for the college
  9. Started an acapella group in college
  10. Started self-learning Italian
  11. Dip-dyed my hair :)
  12. Took part in a local short film competition and was shortlisted as one of the top 6 Finalists
  13. Taking on the role of Studio Director and Producer in our students films and college news broadcasts
  14. I'm graduating in 3 weeks!
Since the year started, it's been a non-stop whirlwind of writing scripts, research papers, editing countless number of videos (cause not only do I take on the role of producer, I also love to edit), arranging shoots and Lord, so much more I can't even remember. It's basically all been a blur and the realisation is just starting to hit that after the 23rd of July 2014, I will officially be over and done with my Diploma. 

Looking forward to some much needed rest after being on-the-go for so long. Time to recharge and clear my head to get some fresh ideas. Don't know where I'll be headed next but I've got 8 months to figure it all out. For now, I'm content with the idea of doing nothing for awhile.

Oh, before I forget, do check out the short documentary that I submitted for the short film competition I was telling y'all about. Just a little trivia, there were about 100 over submissions and my college (Han Chiang College) had 6 groups of students who submitted their entries. See, the only reason we took part in this was because it was part of our assignment. Any who, out of the top 6 Finalists who were short listed for our category, 4 of the 6 finalists consisted of the students from our college. how freaking cool is that?!

The pride burns deep within all of us, more so for the lecturer who gave us the assignment in the first place. So, do check out my video as well as the others from my college, the titles which I will list down further below.


Directed by: Ng Wen Khai
Written and Produced by: Edelyn Chow

Kaki Lima Short Film Competition - College and University Category

Annie Lim Ean Nee - The Last Show
Peh Shu Min - My Mother Tongue
Ooi Yung Sheng -

Much much appreciated. Well, that's as far as the updates go for now I'm afraid. Looking forward to posting more of my work and production adventures here. For now, ciao.

P.S: I'm venturing into some freelancing, mostly in Voice Overs so if you're looking for someone to voice your videos or advertisements, do feel free to contact me at edelynchow@icloud.com

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