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A Frame of Passion
Jul 20, 2014

Hello, long update this time. As promised, here's what went down last week. Han Chiang College Senior Broadcasting & Broadcast Journalism Class of 2014 had their final project, a grand premiere at PenangPAC (Penang Performing Arts Centre) on the 16th of July 2014. It was opened to the public to showcase our productions for this year. There are way more pictures than I'm uploading right now but I haven't got the rest as they're all in the DSLRs of the photographers on ground and they haven't uploaded it yet. 

So the theme we decided on was 'A Frame of Passion' and it was pretty much a big hit :)

A Frame of Passion Booklet

So, remember in my previous post I said i hadn't slept for a good 48-72 hours or somewhere in between? Well, my darlings and I had been editing for a good 3 days a production meant for this particular screening. Below are the pictures mid edit.

Our programme was that of the supernatural kind so naturally, we'd take a thermal shot to look like ghosts *grin*

However, with all that sacrifice came a wonderful production that all of us are very very proud of. As an editor and the producer for our production team, this is all you can ever ask for.

Final timeline of our programme. It really is a sight to behold with pride and joy

Not much to say on the Premiere except we've had nothing but good comments for my productions and those that weren't good were constructive. I honestly could not have been happier that day.

Getting ready to greet the audience. Pre-show selfie with whoever could fit! We have about 50 students on whole. Not exactly a good idea to have that big a batch of crazies in production *silent laughter*

The Forever Fours

Been through thick and thin with these girls throughout these two and a half years. All the stress has finally paid off. We're graduating soon girls, but here's to being friends for life :)

The Gangster Gang *sly grin*

One with the boys. I will miss their antics. 
Well, here's to hoping we'll have time to meet up once we're all in KL doing what we love to do

Prolly one of the MOST awesome lecturers you could ever meet, not even kidding. Couldn't have achieved all that we did this year without his guidance and advice. His face was just beaming with pride for this year's batch of Seniors, HIS students and we're proud to be so too.

Well, so far the excitement has simmered down. Just been hanging out with the gang as much as possible before we all scoot next week. So blessed to have met a bunch of friends who are as open as I am. Here's to hoping and praying we'll be friends for a very very very long time. 

Sooo, I kinda dyed my hair again. The colour was fading and getting a bit disgusting so it was about time to whip out the dye.

The before and after. Went a darker, more vibrant shade this time. I'm liking it a lot, I think I'll stick to this colour for a very long while

The brand of dye I'm using is Manic Panic in Atomic Turquoise. Difficult to find around where I stay but I did manage to find a supplier who sells it kinda cheap. For those of you wondering how I dyed my hair it fairly simple. 

I don't use a lot of dye cause it kinda damages the hair. I tend to mix the dye with conditioner (any type will do as long as it's white) so it distributes more evenly at the same time, conditions it so that it doesn't spoil as easy I guess? Just mix the dye according to how intense you want the colour to be on your hair. 

Most people mix in condition to get a most pastel colour but that doesn't necessarily apply. It all depends on how much dye you put in. For this batch, I mixed in a little more colour than I did the last time and the colour came out as above. 

Application is pretty simple. Make sure you're wearing gloves cause it does stain. Just apply it to whichever part of your hair you want coloured and leave it on for about an hour. Applying a little bit of heat helps to keep the colour longer lasting.

Wash it out until the water is clear, shampoo and condition it once and you're done. I use colour shampoo for the first wash and a colour mask after. The colour usually lasts about a month before it starts to get really disgusting, but that also depends on how you take care of it.

Ta-da! Oh, do ignore the messy room and the very many pimples on my face. Post-edit cum pre-exam stress.

Well, I think I've said enough for now. Loads of productions that I've done this year that I really wanna share. Will prolly screenshot a few to put up here. 

Updates on my productions next.

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