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Once Upon A Time
Nov 22, 2012

Hello there. After what seems like ages, I have finally found the time (been flocked with assignments) and energy (yes, been a bit lazy as well) to scrape something up to keep this dear old blog of mine alive. Starting to remember why I stopped in the first place. Such a bloody nuisance at times. Well, yes anyways. See that thing up there? (points to picture above) Yes, my inspiration for today. Done by me :) I am trying not to sound to proud of myself but I cant help it. Its not much, it's just a simple something I did in my spare time waiting for class to start. I honestly tell you the things I'd be able to do in the hours of waiting in between classes. Anyways, there's just something about the words 'Once upon a time' that's just so enchanting and whimsical don't you agree? Well, that's about it. For those celebrating Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful and thankful for all your loved ones around you and the blessed life that you have. Be kind to one another!

Cheers! xx

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