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Love Never Dies
Oct 15, 2012

I'm up at midnight over where I'm at. Sorta have a bout of insomnia lately. So since I can't sleep I decided to watch my all-time favourite musical ever created; Phantom of the Opera. I have watched it like so many times it's really hard to count. I'm not even joking. It's such a beautiful musical production. Andrew Lloyd Webber is a fracking GENIUS! It's like epic I'm telling you. If you haven't watched it yet, please I beg of you go and watch it. You will not regret it.

To all phantom fans out there, what I'm about to tell you may be super duper insulting and offensive. I was watching this the other day some weeks ago when my brother saw me watching it and asked why I was watching it again. I told him it's because the story is beautiful and profound when you really understand it. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUDGE HE SAID TO ME?! I am seriously so offended til this day I swear. He said 'it's a movie about singing and killing' ('cause I was watching the '04 movie version).


It is such an amazing love story. The selflessness and pure unconditional love. It just brings me to tears every time. Can you imagine it? How much love one has for another to sacrifice their own happiness for the happiness of the one they truly love. It's just so inspiring. It just renders me speechless sometimes at how beautiful it is. I hope one day I get to see the live production preferably the one with Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo as Christine and the Phantom. She is the best Christine I have ever seen and heard and he is a friggin GOD with his voice and acting. Both of them make such a wonderful pair, such chemistry. Til here then. Going to continue enjoying the godliness of that which is Sierra and Ramin. Cheers! xx

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